Coffee Bar – Prvncl's Neighborhood Coffee Stop

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Everyone has one. That neighborhood coffee shop that is a cut above the rest, the one that makes you feel the most at home. For Prvncl, that place is Coffee Bar in our little downtown area of Redding, CA.

Coffee Bar is unassuming – it’s approachable.

It’s outdoor concrete counter and seating makes it a dream in the fall and spring, and in the extremely hot summers, the concrete floor inside takes you in.

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Coffee Bar feels like home, like family.

Since we’re such a small town, every time you walk in you see at least five people you know and love and five more that you’d like to know better. The baristas are friends, witty and perfect, and manager Christopher Wohrle creates an atmosphere of excellence and family that makes coffee drinkers feel safe, sound and taken care of.

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Their food menu is delectable as well. Their infamous “Almond Butter Toast” made with thick wheat toast and homemade almond butter is the perfect Saturday brunch or afternoon pick me up snack. The yogurt with granola, fruit and honey is also a perfect filler. On the weekends, there’s a magical influx of homemade paleo doughnuts from the incredible local Kezia Arbuthnot Neusch of The Whole Food Diary. They go quickly and are worth every minute of lost sleep on a Saturday morning to get there in time to grab one (or three).

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Coffee Bar is a place that draws you in and creates community.

What’s most beautiful about it is it’s a purely organic creation, it’s what Coffee Bar naturally facilitates.

Whether you go in early before work to read or journal, meet someone for a catch up or grab an Americano on your way somewhere, it’s Coffee Bar. It’s always Coffee Bar.

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Words by Grace Taylor

Imagery provided by manager of Coffee Bar Christopher Worhle