How I Balance

There are always ten thousand things going on at once. I feel like I’m constantly juggling the pressure of making my company successful, connecting with friends and family, remembering to feed myself and making sure I get enough sleep. Life is just busy most of the time, and that’s beautiful, because the busy-ness brings with it wonderful and meaningful experiences. It can also completely overwhelm and consume us when not managed properly, that I know for sure.


Especially when you’re in the startup phase of a business or passion project, the juggle is real. It’s almost impossible to go offline, disconnect and rest. I find it extremely difficult to go 5 minutes without thinking about Provencial and all of its moving parts. As important as that phone call, that sale or that email is, I have unplug when I’m mentally exhausted to stay productive (and sane). Part of managing it is knowing yourself and your limits, and part of it is prioritizing your life, a complete mindset shift.


I know I need time to myself. I know I need rest. If I’m constantly on the clock, I will slowly die inside(joking, kind of). I simply can’t function that way. I’ve thought a lot about how to manage efficiency, productivity and rest, and devoted my life to discovering it as I go, through Provencial’s vision and my own personal journey.

I’m going to share a couple things that I’ve learned so far, and some best practices for balance, staying focused, having a plan and most importantly, sticking to that plan.

Let’s start with the major challenge. The work week. Whether you work a 9-5 desk job, or you’re a creative moving about all day – days can get long. Working 7-8 hours is mentally exhausting. Who made up the 8 hour work day anyway? That’s another conversation for another time.

However, since the average work day is 8 hours, let’s all just decide to end the day after 8 hours. Like, end. End end. Take time to just be, read a book, watch a movie, eat dinner with friends and family, go have a drink. It’s so easy to get caught up in our work lives – but in reality, at the end of the day, what we do isn’t who we are. It’s a valuable and beautiful part of life, but it’s certainly not worthy of all our time. The people we choose to put in our worlds, the homes we create, those things deserve as much if not more time than work. It’s as simple as prioritizing and changing your mindset back to valuing the essentials. The real essentials.


Now, weekends, beloved weekends. The weekends symbolize so many different things (all good). They mean sleep, adventures, food, blankets, naps, books, movies, coffee and connection. Here’s my advice. Protect them. Protect Saturday and Sunday like they’re your most prized possessions, because guess what, they are. They are invaluable resources. Store up that time and use it to recharge your batteries, because when Monday morning hits, you’ll never regret the energy you wisely chose to save.

It’s honestly just about time management, and valuing everything else in your life as much as you value work. Work should be a lovely addition to our already full lives that came before it and would go on without it.

Story by Grace Taylor / Imagery by Justin Posey

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