Just Start – The Art of the Startup

The most frequently asked question I get from people since launching Provencial Magazine is, “Where did you start?” My answer is is always the same. After your vision is clear and your mission is laid out – head to Squarespace to create a digital presence. It was there I was able to fully launch my creative business with ease, without having to know the ins and outs of code. I was able to create a website that encompassed my vision, beautifully at that, and it set me up for success.

It changed the game, because not only was it gorgeous aesthetically, but it made me feel like a real, full fledged professional.



I’m not a designer, but with the help of my good friend (and Provencial’s calligraphy artist, Nicole Abesamis) back in the early days when Provencial Magazine (in print) was the sound of a distant drum, we relied on our website to represent us.

Establishing that your brand (creative or not) has a strong voice, that you have something valuable to say and offer, is greatly a digital feat in this day and age.

When you’re in the concept phase of a project or possible venture, thinking about your visual presence is just as important as any other facet of the building stage. First sit down with a journal, write down thoughts, stream of consciousness style. Think about color palettes, composition, fonts, hues and layout of your digital space. Then, go to your computer and put together a moodboard of sorts, a collage of images that reflects accurately the thoughts you jotted down on paper.



Once you have a good idea of what you want – choose a template on Squarespace that displays your imagery and content the way you imagined and begin to drag and drop to create your cyber world. Your website is one of the most essential assets you can have as a new company or artist, but investing a ton of funds into it at the beginning isn’t always an option. It certainly wasn’t an option for us.

Build a digital home right away. It will establish you not only in the marketplace, but in your own mind. Stages of growth are incremental. Choose tools that are a sure win.

Trust platforms with a voice as strong as you hope yours will be.

Words by Editor Grace Taylor

Imagery by Justin Posey