LA Juice – Vol. 04 Sneak Peek

  1. Why a juice shop? and why LA?

Growing up I never ate well. In fact, my diet was horrible. Fast food and other non-whole foods consumed my diet. At the age of sixteen, I developed severe cystic acne that made me self conscious. I tried medication, expensive topical treatments that showed only minimal improvement. I was told by a friend how powerful juicing was so I gave it a shot. I did really basic stuff at first like, carrot, celery, apple and ginger. I made a commitment to consistently juice every day for a month. Within about three weeks time my skin was 90% clear. I was hooked. And so the passion for juicing began. At the time, I was living in the Washington D.C. area, which at that time didn't have many juice bars. I decided I wanted to live somewhere warm and close to amazing produce, but had a very hip metropolitan scene and so L.A. was chosen.


  1. How did you get started?

Initially I had worked at another juice company, learning the basics of how the business ran, but also learned how I wanted to do things differently and put my own unique stamp on my own company. I had just graduated nutrition school and with the help of hard work and family I was able get started.

  1. How did you choose the aesthetic direction for the company?

I've always loved design and architecture. My parents owned an interior design studio and built custom homes when I was a little boy in Florida. I wanted the space to feel clean and modern without being too sterile or commercial. We worked with an amazing designer, Kari Whitman, who helped us choose funky eco-items like recycled leather belts that are wrapped around our cash register island as well as on the frames of our menus.



  1. How do you balance work and rest while owning your own business?

Running a business, particularly a small business is extremely demanding. It takes all of us to make sure it runs smoothly. It really does become a 24/7 job, but at the same time there is so much joy in watching something you've created grow and run. I'm not a huge fitness junkie, but I do love hiking up in the trails above the city. It’s so peaceful and you get lots of vitamin D that way too! About once or twice a month I go for reflexology, it is the most relaxing thing I do that grounds me.

  1. How do you stay inspired?

L.A. is a very creative city, so it’s always easy to see people and things that inspire me. I love food, especially healthy food. The city has so many great places to eat. I love connecting with friends and bouncing different ideas off each other over some great grub.



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