Old Soul Collective “A Peek into Volume Three”

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Why Furniture?

Furniture represents community, family and lives being lived from a place of rest. I was born to work with my hands and come from a long line of German shoemakers. Wood, leather, and metal are in my blood. My father builds homes, and I had the honor of learning that process from a young age and still do for fun. The artist in me seems to move toward smaller pieces that are useful everyday. I love the idea of creating functional pieces of art that can carry on from generation to generation. My wife and I just had a baby girl, and I get excited when I think about the fact that these pieces that we do life on and around will someday be used by her children and theirs after that.
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Where did the name OSC come from?

The name itself just flashed into my mind one day when I was back home in Canada. It seemed to capture the idea of life well lived. The images that came to mind when I got the name had to do with the combination of the old and the new, and life being lived creating with other people. It stuck and has become a part of me.
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What did the inception of OSC look like?

It started as early on in my life as I can remember. My dad always gave me the freedom to discover. His shop was my playground and I always had a tool in my hand just itching to create. I think the first thing I built was a lathe at 4 years old, and by 16 years oldI was building homes. Iʼm the kind of person who looks at something and thinks “I can build that on my own.” Furniture came out of necessity, because I got married and simply wanted to build something beautiful for my wife. I built a dining table and it flipped something on in me and Iʼve been doing it ever since.

What inspires your design the most?

The world around me, as mundane as that seems.

Iʼm always looking for lines, angles, and construct. I canʼt turn it off.

 I see pieces in almost everything, and every once in awhile I see something that has the entire package, fully finished and all I can do is sit back and admire (and secretly think that I could do it better).

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How do you balance work, rest, and family?

All of those elements have to start with the creative process. Rest is the key. Everything comes out of that place. Thatʼs not a static or lazy thing by any means, but it is important to keep in mind that stress is the biggest killer of creativity and creativity is the lifeblood of everything. I am far from figuring it out completely. Creativity is a living, breathing thing that is almost like a child. It needs to be protected so that it has the freedom to grow, play, and run. Balance seems to flow out of that when I focus that idea on my work and my family. I was brought up thinking that work was what I was born for, and since have realized that family is actually the center of it all. Work is a privilege. The thing we call work is widely thought of as just a means to an end. What I need to do in order to survive. Bringing the two together has been a challenge that has changed my life infinitely for the better.

What does the future of OSC look like?

We want to be a standard of craftsmanship, community, family, and brotherhood of encouragement. We are not just building it for ourselves, weʼre building to represent whatʼs possible.

We are making heritage pieces that last generations.

They’re timeless. So essentially the future is now and weʼll see how it grows, but for now, we are just honored to be able to do what we are doing.

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How do you keep the vision for the company fresh?

This is a collective, so our relationships with each other are the most important thing. We also have several creeds that we live by that include things like not compromising quality or beauty, staying in touch with the old and the new, protecting creativity and being truthful always. Those are all just things that sound nice unless you live it out with actual people. Weʼre focusing on that right now and already seeing the fruits of it.

Words by OSC Founder Stephen Gretzinger
Photos JD Hudson
Old Soul Collective: http://www.oldsoulcollective.com/

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