Redesign – The Magazine and its Home

It’s essential to be progressive. Innovation is a key to success, especially for a startup, even more so for a creative startup.

Making pivots in both process, structure and design will keep your head above water and move you to the next level – even if it isn’t as “successful” a pivot as you had in mind.

When it came time to publish Provencial Magazine’s third volume, it was clear to me that something needed to change. A shift was needed. I knew that what we were going to put out would shape our aesthetic future. The weight of that forced conversations with designer Jon Opprecht about moving  away from not only our original cover design, but the entire template of our first two volumes.

prvncl redesign 6

What emerged from that risk is something I couldn’t have expected. It changed everything. My mindset changed toward the company as a whole, because I saw the fruit of our risk in redesign. Making decisions that seem scary almost always result in some form of success. If you need help making them – get help.

Find people who are convicted in their opinions and have a history of smart pivots.

prvncl redesign 5

prvncl redesign 4

The redesign of Volume Three also brought about a swirl of inspiration for me in terms of our workspace, Prvncl HQ. I love our little office, with its white walls and exposed brick, large windows and view of the mountains. It’s been a haven for me throughout the process of change, and for a while, that’s all it needed to be. I had a small desk, small file cabinet and a chair. That was it. I couldn’t really have meetings in the space because no one had anywhere to sit down, but it was ok. It was the season not only I was in, but most of the people involved in the project as well.

prvncl redesign 3

There came a time however, when something clicked. I knew it was time to furnish Prvncl HQ, time to have a place for people to come in, sit down, be comfortable enough to engage with each other in brainstorming sessions and decision making. In all honesty, I’ve felt a twinge of guilt in spending such hard earned money on furniture, at a time when it would be easy to keep everything the same.

But in that moment of temptation to stay static, that’s when it was time to move.

prvncl redesign 2

Just like that the decision was made, the budget created and we scoured the web to find pieces that would fit our sweet little place, and we did. The amount of not only relief it brings to feel legitimized through redesigning Prvncl’s home, but the fun we had in the process, was a needed exercise that was worth every penny. I always recommend choosing looking forward, pursuing innovation and redesign when the time comes, and not to worry about not knowing when that time is. You’ll know.

Prvncl Redesign 1

Words by Prvncl Editor-in-Chief Grace Taylor  – Grace’s Instagram

Imagery by Justin Posey – Justin’s Instagram