What's in the Office – Maptote

We love filling our little office with new pieces. Today, Maptote is joining us. Making HQ home is essential for us to stay inspired. Partnering with brands who see value in the details of design and production is one of the best parts about being a lifestyle brand – adding things to daily life that make simplicity intriguing.

We’re constantly changing it up and choosing brands to represent the excellence that’s out and about. It’s helpful.

Maptote 4

Maptote 3

Maptote does a beautiful job of incorporating unique design into their products. I’ve always admired the look and feel of their canvas, I’ve seen product in various shops. It feels sturdy and durable, which I absolutely love, and the gold zippers were a perfect choice in my opinion.

Maptote 2

Maptote 1

It’s all in the details, folks. Each nook and cranny.

Every curvature, every line has a purpose and a destination.

It’s a beautiful thought, that each thread of woven canvas thoughtfully stitched together becomes a living breathing representation of a city, or of what it’s meant to contain.

If you’d like to see more of what Maptote is up to, click here.